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    TP0021 Nylon Digitally Printed Carpet Tiles

    TP0021 combines watercolor and lotus leaf elements, which is one of the traditional Chinese flowers with auspicious meaning and can give people a quiet space to cool off and rest, so as to "purify their mind". TP0022 contrasts the lotus leaf with the background, giving people a strong visual impact and making the interior space gorgeous and exquisite.

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  • Nylon Printed Tufted Carpet

    pubic HD digital printing, used in the neo-classical style.

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  • Nylon Digitally Colorful Carpet Tiles

    TP0205 uses sparse horizontal lines and matte color blocks to form a comfortable sense of front and back space, with the principle of natural simplicity and an overall light color tone reflecting a strong Nordic style. The style is simple and practical, reflecting the respect for tradition and appreciation of natural materials. TP0244 is a new Chinese design with a semi-swirling water pattern element presented above the gray tone at the bottom, which is a clever fusion of traditional elements and modern design techniques.

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  • Nylon Custom Carpet Printing

    TP0048 它的灵感来源于大自然中的梅花,运用多种层次和丰富的色彩变化,展现出“疏影横斜水清浅,暗香浮动月黄昏。”的自然静谧的优美画面。 TP0040 采用同色系的不同颜色组合可呈现出美妙绝伦的视觉效果,印花打印地毯生产原理类似于“大型彩色喷墨打印机”,其最大的优势便是生产周期短、效率高、应变能力强,能在最短的时间内满足客户的订单需求,同时具备弹性优良、色彩鲜艳、色牢度高、防霉防蛀等。

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  • Nylon Digitally Broadloom Custom Carpet Printing

    TP0051 using a variety of gray tones to form blooming flowers, bright gray tones give people a sense of quiet, containing elegance and quiet, showing another realm of beauty. TP0053 dark red floral elements combined with yellow vintage base color, forming a harmonious law atmosphere for, modern space injected condensed aesthetic Chinese classical charm. The design of TP0063 is like ink splashed on paper, showing a more contemporary oriental painting flavor.

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