nylon carpet tiles

  • Nylon Tufted Printed Carpet Tiles

    Public area. TP0712 with the combination of points, lines and surfaces of modern style, that is, simple and clear but not too trendy, suitable for restaurants or pubs. TP0030 gray-toned blue and the fusion of warm flowers give people a quiet feeling, containing elegance and quiet, showing another realm of beauty.

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  • Sisal Modern Office Commercial Carpet Tiles

    FBE2 does not have too many dots and lines for decoration, mainly in plain colors, each color phase characteristics significantly bring a sense of clean and simple, easy to approach. FBE2 uses warm colors as the main color and gray tones as a supplement to give a sense of simplicity, subtlety and discretion.

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    Nylon Modern Office Commercial Carpet Tiles

    With the rustic feel of hand-stitched accents inspired by natural materials and elements, FN2 adds warmth and texture to modern office environments. Its patented "dust reduction and air purification" technology has been proven to reduce the concentration of fine dust in the air four times more efficiently than ordinary carpets and eight times more efficiently than smooth floors.

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  • Nylon PVC Carpet Tiles

    FN7 Nylon PVC Carpet Tiles

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